Masterplan 2017

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Copenhagen Business School 96 Years Annual Celebration

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Professor Edward Lazear (left), Stanford University, was given an honorary doctorate at the celebration of CBS 96th anniversary. Here with Professor of Economy, Peter Mølgaard CBS, and Jørgen Rossen, both ISCC enthusiasts. 

CBS held its 96th anniversary on march 15. 2013, here many ISCC enthusiasts participated; Per Holten Andersen (CBS), Pia Gjellerup (DJØF), Peter Mølgaard (CBS), Anne Marie Larsen (DSF), Jørgen Rossen (ISCC) amongst many others. At the celebration, the ISCC project was discussed thoroughly and friends of the project were made. Especially on the topic was, involving Prof. Edward Lazear, Peter Mølgaard and Jørgen Rossen, plans to make a report, forecasting the economical impact ISCC will have on Copenhagel and Øresundsregionen, in 10, 25 and 50 years.