Masterplan 2017

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Cité Internatonale Universitaire de Paris

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Cité Internatonale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) has been successful since the 1920’s and continues to be a success today with its 40 residential buildings of different nationalities for 10.000–12,000 students annually from more than 120 nations.

Today CIUP plans 6 new student houses for China, Russia, South Korea, Columbia, India and one more French house.

CIUP has its own Metro station in southern Paris and is situated on a 36 ha. park territory donated by the City of Paris. The main house “La Maison Internationale” with its 10,000 m2 floor space including library, theatre and concert halls, swimming pool, sports facilities, cafés, restaurants and saloons were donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr. while the 40 national residential buildings were donated by the various nations over the years. Fondation Danoise was inaugurated in 1932, Maison des Étudiantes Suédois in 1931 and Maison de Norvège in 1954.

The students are lodged in the different houses in such a way that the nations are mixed. And this is an important tradition in the Cité. In this way the dream of the nations’ youth materialize through common participation in theatre and music events, sports activities, lectures and debates.

Danish universities have many subjects to off er in higher education such as the natural sciences, nuclear physics, pharmacology, climatology, environmental research, education in general, medical and health, all the aspects of the welfare state, Greenland and arctic related research, political sciences, international management and marketing, economy and others.