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The Lord Mayor wants rents of 3500 for students

04/09/14 Politiken writes that Copenhagen Municipality and the Lord Mayor Frank Jensen are working to build student housing for 6.000 students until the year 2025. Just in the next 5 years, 20.000 more students than usual will be moving to the Copenhagen.

Landlords taking advantage of students

02/09/14 Instances of landlords taking advantage of students coming to Copenhagen are widespread according to the freesheeter Metroxpress. An 8 m2 room in a shared apartment on Amager Strandvej for 6.000 Dkr.

More desperate students than ever on the emergency priority list

15/08/14 in Politiken. More students than ever are trying to get on the emergency priority list (akutliste) through CIU (Centralinstillingsudvalget) administered by UBSBOLIG who is on the ISCC board and KKIK (Kollegiernes Kontor i København). To be on the list you need to be a first year student and have at least one hour of transport to your place of study (not Lyngby or Roskilde) and finally be on the waiting list of more than one dorm.

Housing situation in larger cities threatening social cohesion

08/08/14 in Politiken. Youth politicians say that status quo policies are threatening social cohesion in the cities and recommend that the center left governing coalition take action and 1. allow municipalities to sell their land below market price. 2.

Aarhus offers students temporary housing solutions

07/08/14 in Berlingske. Temporary housing is a viable option for students while 2500 new permanent student housing units are contructed over the next 2 years. Congratulations to students and problem solvers in Aarhus!

The Danish Plan law is in the way of more student housing

02/08/14 in Politiken. The plan law in Denmark is in the way when it comes to building student housing in Copenhagen. The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen is trying to exert pressure on the State to help amend the law. Basically the municipality can micromanage what bricks are used but not what kind of housing it should be.

The prices of new youth housing soar

02/08/14 in Politiken questions whether it makes sense to call newly refurbished buildings "youth" housing when rents are 6200 for a 1-bedroom apartment and 10400 for a 2-bedroomer. This is way above the 5800 kr. before taxes students receive study grants from the government also known as SU. The laws surrounding youth housing are being called into question as prices seem to be reaching record levels with record amounts of students coming to the city to embark on their studies.

Complete chaos awaits scores of new students

30/07/14 in Berlingske. Scores of new of students will have to compete for the 4744 dorms avaiblable in total, located in and around Copenhagen. The availability of these rooms is dependent on a turnover rate of students which is falling meaning students are staying longer in their dorms than before. The rooms are administered by the central allocation committee, CIU and most of them are already occupied. The waiting list is now up to 14.000 up from 13.000 last year and the number is rising.

Only 1.700 apartments apt for students on the market

10/07/14 Byens Ejendom writes about another option available for the +60.000 new students at institutions of higher learning embarking on their degrees after the summer. One option is to persuade their parents to invest in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment and sublet aparment the apartment to them. 

The exploitation of students in search of housing is widespread

18/07/14 The competition for housing for students is getting fierce reports Students often pay anywhere from a few thousand to upwards of 30.000 to landlords on order to get ahead of others for a room. Some even pay small fees just to see the rooms. It's illegal to charge or receive money to engage in a lease but its very hard to prove.