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Masterplan 2017

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Rambøll Business Case

The International Student City of Copenhagen

DATE 15/05-2017

A golden opportunity

The high quality of life, good employment opportunities

and fine research institutions of Greater Copenhagen

are paying dividends. The region is fast becoming

an international hub attracting tens of thousands of

talented students, researchers and employees who want

to make Copenhagen their home.

Many have already arrived, ready to inspire and

connect with new colleagues and friends. Bringing their

experiences, knowledge and networks, they come here

to innovate, study, learn, teach, work and invest in an

evermore-integrated region, with thousands of global

companies, research institutions and globally minded


The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) proposes

to unite students, entrepreneurs and established

businesses in a global test centre in order to create the

digital solutions of tomorrow. (Digital Hub, Dec. 2, 2016

di.dk). Other initiatives such as the European Spallation

Centre, ESS in Lund will also attract thousands of

scientists and students to the region.

Our project

To remain a magnet for the best and brightest minds,

Greater Copenhagen must offer something unique and

personal. The Circle of Friends of ISCC envisions a new

environmentally conscious neighbourhood beginning

with +1.000 housing units in a first phase of the project

consisting of 6 houses (Denmark, France, Germany,

Norway, Sweden, USA) and an international cultural


With inspiration from the CIUP campus in Paris where

40 countries have erected their own houses according

to their wishes, the ISCC encourages countries and

foundation to participate and demonstrate their vision of

a unifying and co-operative environment by designing or

modifying rooms, common areas or buildings within the

ISCC campus.

Eighty percent of the financing of the 6 houses will

possibly come from possibly pension funds and others

whereas the remaining 20 percent will come from

participating countries and foundations. The signature

cultural house is sought donated by a foundation. The

ISCC will be governed by an independent foundation that

will oversee its construction and development.

Dynamic effects

The shared apartments, common facilities and

communal spaces of ISCC will be ideal places for new

Copenhageners to meet their neighbours and peers.

These connections will form the initial stage in their

ultimate integration in Copenhagen society, and in turn

will make Greater Copenhagen an even better place to

live, study and work for all who reside here.

The ISCC would be a local as well as global

neighbourhood in the city of Copenhagen. For its

residents, excellent transport connections are key to

everything the region has to offer, for those in other

parts of the city, the ISCC will become a new destination

for residents of Copenhagen, offering entrepreneurship

opportunities and a rich cultural programme – open to


The proposed location by Sundby Metro st. and the

Øresund train link is ideal to host new Copenhageners

with its close proximity to the IT University of

Copenhagen, Copenhagen University, Sweden and the

entire region.

Public actors, universities, businesses and civil society at

large of Greater Copenhagen are invited to participate

in the development of the ISCC.


Circle of Friends, International Student City of

Copenhagen (ISCC)

Our inspiration

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris - Cité U

Founded in 1925, Cité Internationale Universitaire de

Paris (CIUP) and the City of Light welcomes 12,000+

talented researchers, graduate students, professors

and artists from not just wider France, but from 100+

countries every year.

Set in a lush, green park only four train-stations from

Notre Dame in the heart of Paris, residents live in a

dynamic, fully-serviced international environment that’s

conducive to full integration into French society and that

provides everything they need to get the most out of

their stay.

More than 40 countries have built their own dormitory

houses allowing its residents to meet and experience

each other’s cultures in order to forge the relationships

of the future. Each house follows the “Loi de Brassage”

principal, which ensures that no one nationality makes

up more than fifty percent of the residents.

Furthermore, a fully-fledged cultural programme aimed

at both residents and the public alike brings residents

together across houses. The majestic International

Cultural House donated by John Rockefeller Jr. stands

at the centre of a lively city with world-class exhibits,

workshops, concerts and lectures all year round.

Kulturminister Bertel Haarder udtaler om ISCC, februar 2016;

"Jeres projekt lyder interessant. Jeg finder det anerkendelsesværdigt, at I vil skabe rammerne for, at ideer kan udveksles, og broer kan bygges mellem danske, nordiske og internationale studerende." 

Uddannelses- og Forksningsminister Esben Lunde Larsen udtaler om ISCC, november 2015;

"....The International Student City of Copenhagen lyder som et spændende og yderst relevant projekt....Regeringen er meget optaget af at integrere det internationale perspektiv og udsyn i de videregående uddannelser...Det er velkendt, at det kan være svært for internationale såvel som danske studerende at finde bolig i København. Derfor er det også et relevant initiativ, I har sat i søen." 

The International Student City of Copenhagen (ISCC) is a project founded by 7 prominent figures of Danish politics and business life. The vision for ISCC is the establishment of an international student city as a Nordic equivalent to the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, a successful community initiated in the 1920s. With 15 hectares of land located by Sundby metro station in Ørestad, the plan for ISCC is to be able to offer 5000 studio apartments to foreign and Danish students within the next 10-15 years.


See the video from our fact finding mission to CIUP in October 2014.

See the official video from Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris here.

The International Student City of Copenhagen, as envisioned by Henning Larsen Architects

Please click here to view the 2014 revised Masterplan by Henning Larsen Architects 


The society of engineers, IDA, presents the idea behind the ISCC project on its blog. 

Read the article here or below:


For at kunne tiltrække og fastholde internationale studerende er der brug for flere studieboliger. Det fremgå tydeligt af en opgørelse over antallet af ungdomsboliger, som Ministeriet for By Bolig og Landdistrikter har lavet for DR Nyheder, der fastlægger at der findes 64.423 ungdomsboliger på landsplan, og dem skal 247.860 studerende kæmpe om.

Studenterby med 5.000 boliger kan løse meget
The International Student City of Copenhagen, et nyt initiativ støttet af blandt andet fhv. udenrigsminister Per Stig Møller, vil komme denne boligmangel til livs ved at skabe en international studenterby med boliger til 5.000 studerende i Ørestaden, inspireret af det franske eksempel fra 1920’erne: Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP). Ideen er at skabe en international studenterby, der er med til at skabe et miljø der befordre samarbejde, innovation og nye ideer på tværs af nationaliteter og discipliner. Derved sikres det, at vi i fremtiden kan fastholde flere internationale studerende i Danmark.

27 nationale studenterhuse
Ifølge Masterplanen for the International Student City of Copenhagen, skabt af Henning Larsen Architects, skal byen bestå af 27 forskellige nationale studenterhuse, hvor de forskellige nationer får huset finansieret via sponsorer, fonde og organisationer. For at sikre diversiteten udlejes husene efter ”The law of Brassage”, hvor max. 50% af en nationalitet må bo i hvert hus. Byggeriet af de 1.000 boliger forventes at gå i gang indenfor 2-3 år.



From left to right: ISCC secretary Olga Boubnova, Director of International Programs Tom Dahl-Østergaard, Deputy Director Niels Henrik Larsen, ISCC founder Jørgen Rossen. 


Greetings from Amalienborg - letter from the Chief of Prince Henrik's secretariate, oberst, chamberlain Mogens Christensen to ISCC founder Jørgen Rossen;

Kære Jørgen Rossen,

Hans Kongelige Højhed Prinsgemalen har bedt mig takke for planen for "The International Student City of Copenhagen", som Prinsgemalen ser frem til at studere nærmere. Prinsgemalen vil med interesse følge projektets udvikling.

Med venlig hilsen
Mogens Christensen
Chef for Hans Kongelige Højhed Prinsgemalens Sekretariat
Kammerherre, Oberst


18/3/13: Henning Larsen Architects, Jørgen Rossen and several other founders has recently been working on a masterplan for the ISCC Project, which can be downloaded in the left column of this page. 


12/3/13: Berlingske recently wrote an article concerning the potential of attracting international students to Copenhagen and this is exactly what ISCC states; attracting international students to Copenhagen is an invesment very well worthwhile!

Read it here


26/2/13: We have now updated our 'Countries' page; this now includes official contacts for every country involved in the project, a draft of the ISCC project in numerous different languages, as well as words and opinions from some of our contact persons. 
Please click here to view