Masterplan 2017

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The International Student City of Copenhagen, ISCC

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”Getting to know you when you are young.” That was the philosophy behind the foundation in Paris in the 1920’s of Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP).


We have a similar vision for Copenhagen in 2015: An International Student City relatively centrally located in Copenhagen, at Sundby Metro St., Ørestaden.


The City should accommodate 5.000 students and have room for many international cultural activities, as at CIUP in Paris. An International Student City of this scope and dimension will strongly contribute in putting Copenhagen on the map of Europe as one of the renowned university capitals.

In 2013 Denmark has about 47.000 foreign students of which the majority are in Copenhagen. This includes Ph.D's and Exchange students. According to a count by the Danish Statistical Bureau, DST, 6.073 students from Norway, 5.021  from Sweden, 6.492 from Germany,  3.159 from the Baltic States,  2.122 from Romania and 1.177 from Bulgaria, 1.418 from Poland, 1.919 from China, 2.124 from the Benelux countries. 

What is important for this new student city is a relatively central location with a Metro or S-train station nearby. Of equal importance is that the area is sufficiently large so that the Student City may expand over the next 25-50 years.


The prognosis given by the City of Copenhagen indicates a growth of 25–30 % in the youth and student population towards 168,000 in 2025 including the foreign students.


But where shall they live?        Where shall they eat?         Where to gather...?


That is what we are here to answer with The International Student City of Copenhagen, ISCC