Masterplan 2017

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Complete chaos awaits scores of new students

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30/07/14 in Berlingske. Scores of new of students will have to compete for the 4744 dorms avaiblable in total, located in and around Copenhagen. The availability of these rooms is dependent on a turnover rate of students which is falling meaning students are staying longer in their dorms than before. The rooms are administered by the central allocation committee, CIU and most of them are already occupied. The waiting list is now up to 14.000 up from 13.000 last year and the number is rising. At current Copenhagen Municipality is only slated to build 485 new rooms and new laws are proposed to make it more attractive to rent out rooms for students in dire straights, but no long term solutions are on the table with the exception of the International Student City of Copenhagen. The City has the land, space and infrastructure and a huge demand. Short term solutions will remain that as record numbers of students move to the city to begin their careers. Action is demanded. Read the entire article here.