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The Danish Plan law is in the way of more student housing

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02/08/14 in Politiken. The plan law in Denmark is in the way when it comes to building student housing in Copenhagen. The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen is trying to exert pressure on the State to help amend the law. Basically the municipality can micromanage what bricks are used but not what kind of housing it should be. This means that a plot of land can't be slated for student housing or any other type of housing but the City can decide if the building is to tall or ugly and that rent should follow the law but not the actual housing type. This means that more profitable kinds of housing are chosen instead of student/youth housing. This also makes the possibility for rents below 4000 kr. for a room highly unlikely with the current regime as the Municipality can't mandate this nor can they sell land below the market price. Read Politikens article here.