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"ISCC Circle of Friends" receives grant from the DIS foundation

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10/07/14 The DIS foundation has awarded the ISCC- circle of friends association with a grant to continue our activities to promote and facilitate the construction of an international student city in Copenhagen. The DIS foundation or Denmark’s international student committee was founded in 1946 by student organizations and faculty members of institutions of higher education in Denmark.

The three original goals where to engage in international relief work, international cultural cooperation and student exchanges. The foundation became commercial in the mid-1980s with many business activities related to the administration of youth housing, dorms as well as other activities such as exchanges, travel, hotels and conferences.

The above activities have been sold off since then with the exception of UBSBOLIG that specializes in administering a broad range of youth and student housing in the greater Copenhagen area and are also represented on the board of ISCC-circle of friends association.Today the DIS foundation mainly engages in, supports and promotes better living conditions for young people in Denmark during their education and also foments the intercultural understanding between students regardless of nationality.