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More desperate students than ever on the emergency priority list

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15/08/14 in Politiken. More students than ever are trying to get on the emergency priority list (akutliste) through CIU (Centralinstillingsudvalget) administered by UBSBOLIG who is on the ISCC board and KKIK (Kollegiernes Kontor i København). To be on the list you need to be a first year student and have at least one hour of transport to your place of study (not Lyngby or Roskilde) and finally be on the waiting list of more than one dorm. Last year only a little more than half of those on the list were assigned a room. According to the article the students are not being picky. Some places are more popular than others but the waiting lists are long for every housing option administered by the above. The housing problem is real and we need temporary as well as longterm solutions on the table. If they can do it in Aarhus we can do here. Read the article here.