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Berlingske: "Studerende bruger hele SU'en på at få tag over hovedet"

As a result of the large escalation in applications for Danish universities, the battle to find accommodation for students will prove even harder in the upcoming autumn. The high demand is already reflected in the high rental prices that students experience, forcing them to spend almost their entire student grants on simply keeping a roof over their heads. 

Berlingske: "Rekordsøgning til videregående uddannelser i 2013"

Berlingske published an arcticle concerning the large escalation of students applying for admission at Danish universities. 10 % more students have applied for admission this year than in 2012, setting a new record of 88,078 applicants. This is considered a positive development, helping the Government achieve its goal in providing at least 60 % of a year group with a further education.

CBS Observer covers the story of ISCC

Copenhagen Business School's student newspaper covers the story of The International Student City of Copenhagen. 

Read the article here

Dagbladet Information: Frank Jensen lægger pres på regeringen om billige boliger

Lord Mayor of the City of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, is determined to build more affordable housing in Copenhagen, stating that "the challenges are great, since Copenhagen is more popular than ever (...) We are in need of more building projects, especially housing that can be afforded by average citizens." Governmental legislation adressing building projects poses a challenge for this growing need, as well as market prices that cannot be restrained, making the establishment of affordable housing a difficult task for the Municipality.  

Rektor: manglende studieboliger hæmmer internationalisering (CBS Observer)

The International Student City of Copenhagen, as envisioned by Henning Larsen Architects.

The problems of finding student accommodation prove to hinder the internationalisation of the Danish capital.

CBS Observer on the Student City in Ørestad

In CBS Observer's "Københavns Kommune bygger 225 nye ungdomsboliger" article, the plans to build The International Student City of Copenhagen are mentioned.

Greetings from Amalienborg

Letter from the Chief of Prince Henrik's secretariate, oberst, chamberlain Mogens Christensen to ISCC founder Jørgen Rossen;

V og DF: Udlændinge vil strømme til for at få gratis studie og SU

En EU-dom betyder, at udenlandske studerende skal kunne få SU i Danmark. Det vil lokke langt flere udlændinge til, mener Venstre og Dansk Folkeparti. Læs artiklen her 

Berlingske: "V og DF: Udlændinge vil strømme til for at få gratis studie og SU"

Berlingske has recently published an article discussing the consequences of a new law passed in February by the EU, making it easier for students from other EU member states to receive Danish study grants. According to the Liberals and the Danish People's Party, this will attract far more students from abroad. Read the article here