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"ISCC Circle of Friends" receives grant from the DIS foundation

10/07/14 The DIS foundation has awarded the ISCC- circle of friends association with a grant to continue our activities to promote and facilitate the construction of an international student city in Copenhagen.

The Danish and international talents, researchers and students need a place to live!

11/06/14 According to the article "Politikere vil skaffe nye talenter til Novo Nordisk" in Berlingske, Novo Nordisk expects to hire 6000 new talents in Denmark over the course of 8 years, which will generate 15.000 new jobs with their Danish suppliers.

Ingeniøren: Udenlandske universitetsstuderende er vilde med Danmark

01/05/14 Ingenirøren writes that foreign university students in Denmark are crazy about Denmark. The article from May 1st is based on a study conducted by Copenhagen Capacity, an organization focusing on attacting foreign investment, talent and businesses.

Student housing specialists onboard with ISCC

Iben Koch, Director of UBSBOLIG in Gammeltorv, Copenhagen

30/04/14 UBSBOLIG manages 4500 dorms and other categories of student housing in Copenhagen. Under its purview it administers the nominating committee or CIU which assigns housing to students and youths in the Capital region. The list currently holds a backlog of more than 13000 students, not counting international and exchange students for which very few stats exist at current. According to Mrs. Koch no one knows exactly how many people are coming and going.

Berlingske: København sakker agterud blandt globale byer

21/04/14 Published on the 21st of April 2014 the article tells the story of how Copenhagen is falling behind in international rankings when it comes to attracting and maintaining talent. According to Iben Koch from UBSBOLIG who administers the nominating committee, CIU there are currently more than 13000 students waiting to be housed an even more if you include the international students. Copenhagen could become an international university and knowledge city. Read the article here.

In northern Europe there are several cities that meet the criteria of being "attractive for students", but the Danish capital - with its more than 525 year old University, with its culture, size and location is the most prominent of all, the Nordic Capital. Where is Copenhagen Municipality, where is the Lord Mayor in the fight for making Copenhagen such an attractive university capital in Europe? The students need good living quarters, otherwise they turn around and go back home.

Dagbladet Information: Stor forskel på studiebyggeri i storbyerne

23/08/13 in Dagbladet Information writes about the great difference in the amount of student housing being built in the Danish university cities.

IDA: "International Studenterby i Ørestaden efter Parisisk Forbillede"

The society of engineers, IDA, presents the ISCC project on its blog. 

Read the article here, og below. 


Berlingske: "Udenlandske forskere strømmer til Danmark"

ISCC will be providing housing for international scientists as well as students. 

Read the article here